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30 May 2014 Left: plain view; right: after decorrelation stretch analysis digital enhancement. Noel Hidalgo Tan—Antiquity Publications. 1 of 7. Top: plain view  Decorrelation stretch: Decorrelation Stretch is used to remove the high correlation (figure5) commonly found in multispectral data sets. Figure5: Correlogram of  Stained Pathology Slides using Colorspace Decorrelation.

Decorrelation stretch

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Ch Miliaresis G(1). Author information: (1)Environmental Conservation & Management, Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, Open University of Cyprus, 38, Tripoleos Str., 104-42, Athens, Greece. gmiliar@yahoo.com. Decorrelation stretch in Python. Contribute to lbrabec/decorrstretch development by creating an account on GitHub. Performs a decorrelation stretch (transformation) on 2 to 256 channels of image data. This type of stretch is especially effective on images in which channels are highly correlated (that is, the spectral bands are very similar).


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Use decorrstretch to perform the decorrelation stretch. Specify the optional name-value pair 'Tol',0.1 to perform a linear contrast stretch after the decorrelation stretch. Another way to enhance the truecolor composite is to use a decorrelation stretch, which enhances color separation across highly correlated channels.

Decorrelation stretch

Image Processing to Multispectral Geological Image: Mohan, Anand

Decorrelation stretch

You apply decorrelation stretching with the decorrstretch function.

For true color aerial photography this would normally be 1,2,3, but may vary for other sensors. Decorrelation Stretch AST06 The decorrelation stretch is a process that is used to enhance (stretch) the color differences found in a color image. The method used to do this includes the removal of the inter-channel correlation found in the input pixels; hence, the term "decorrelation stretch". Overall, the Decorrelation Stretch product appears to be performing as expected, and producing satisfactory products. For scenes of normal variability, correlation coefficients are typically less than 0.01 in absolute value (0.0 is the ideal case), and channel means are within 0.3 DN (0.2 percent) of … and reading from right to left, you can see that the decorrelation stretch: Removes a mean from each band Normalizes each band by its standard deviation (correlation-based method only) Rotates the bands into the eigenspace of Corr or Cov Applies a stretch S in the eigenspace, leaving the image Decorrelation stretch in Python.
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DStretch uses decorrelation stretch. This is an image enhancement technique first used on aerial photos. For an explanation of how it works see the algorithm description. DStretch is a tool for rock art researchers who wish to enhance images of pictographs.

var meanDict = image. cross-fertile, decorrelation, defer, deference, deferent, deferential, deferment, deferral tent-, stretch, ambitendency, attempt, attend, attendee, attent, attention,  o ch RMR v rir de. Correlation between installed reinforcement and RMR rating.

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Decorrelation Stretch AST06 The decorrelation stretch is a process that is used to enhance (stretch) the color differences found in a color image.